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About Filmanjy - Get To Know Us

In a region where movies is dominated by piracy, Filmanjy comes to fill this gap by offering a legal Movies alternative in an enjoyable way while making sure to implement a model that fairly remunerates artists and labels.

Introducing Filmanjy: the future of digital music consumption and the first service of its kind in the Middle East & North Africa.  

Filmanjy is your movies hub from which you can instantly play any Arabic and International Movie or album wherever you are - in your car, at the gym, or in your bed. You can also discover new movies from your favorite actors, share your favorite movies in real-time with friends on social networks, and download as many movies as you’d like for offline watch. Flights will never feel as long again!  

Filmanjy features content from leading Arabic labels. Filmanjy also features movies from the major International labels such as Universal Pictures, Sony, Disney, Warner Bros. and is continuously licensing new content to bring you a complete experience from major aggregators. 

Founded On April 2019 by Laith Aljuniady and Mohammed Alsalaymeh , a team of movies and tech fanatics. 

Filmanjy Is 100% User Created, As Users Add There Movies Them Selfs, Making Sure They Have The Rights And All The Copyrights To Do It, This Also Protect Us By The DMCA (Simplified) Or Download The Full PDF (Sophisticated), You Can Also Check Our Legal Page To Reed More About Our Legal Policies. 

Filmanjy Is Now Searchimg For A Spocership Or A Partener You Can See Our Sponser Page Here. 

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