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Our Expenses Are Made Through Studies And Researches By Us, So We've Made Some Tours And This Is The Istimated Expenses, The App Will Be Developed By Another Company. In Our Research, We've Took Prices From 7000$ To 65000$ For The Same App From Differnt Companies. Also We're Planning For A Wide Advertising Campain On All Of The Social Network, With Some Smart Ways Of Advertising To Take The Control Of The Region.

Type Price
Servers & Hardware2500$
App Development15000$ (At Least)
Advertising Campains10000$
Random Needs2000$ (Probably Wont Be Needed)
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Our Revenues In The First 6 Months Are Based On A Research On The Similler Arabian Platform (illegal). Had 8 Million Visitors When It Had Been Closed For A Month, We've Took 25% On That Traffic Wich Is 2 Million Visitors With An Estimated Premiem Plane Sales Of Only 0.01% Of The Visitors, Wich Is 20000$ Monthly Sales, People With No Subscriptions Can Also Watch All Of The Free Content With Some Short Video Ads In Movie Player So We Can Reach And Make Profit From All Users.

Monthly Estimated Subscriptions (First 6 Months)40000$
Ads Revenues5000$ (At Least)
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In The First 6 Months We Will At Least Gain 72000$ Profit, In One Year We Studied The Economic Statis Of The Contries We're Targiting, So Our Sales Will Mostly Be In The Gulf Ereas, Then North Africa, Followed By Jordan And Syria And Iraq And Palestienian Teritories. A 5000$ Will Be Monthly Taken For Advertising After The Starting Month And Will Be Increased By The Ending Of The 6 Months, Inviseting Is Done By An Investor And We're Searching For A Partner Now Visit Our Contact Page For Contacting Us. Running Costs Are Staff (graffic designer, motion designer, servers, domains, and other needs), Subscriptions & Ads On Our Site Will Gain Us 110000$ Only For The First 6 Months, So Our Profit Is 72500$ For The First 6 Months Only, And Expected To Increase 65%+ Later On That Year.

Advertising Campains5000$-
invest (One Time Payment) Why?30000$-(At Least)
Running Costs (Monthly For The First 6 Months) Servers And Domains2500$-(Maximum)
Subscriptions Revenues (For The First 6 Months) Details100000$+
Ads Revenues (For The First 6 Months)  Details10000$+
Profit (Only For First 6 Months72500$+
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Capital Cash Flow

Starting Capital40000$
First Year118800$ (65%+)
Second Year207900$ (75%+)
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