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Who Are We

Filmanjy (Arabic: فلمنجي, romanized: Fīlmānjı) is the first legal movie streaming platform and digital distribution company in the Arab world. It was established in May 2019, providing unlimited Arabic and international movies to stream and download for offline mode. It is designed for the Middle East and North Africa to provide the largest movies catalog of licensed content from the major Arabic labels, in addition to international majors labels such as Desney, Sony, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Filmanjy is one of the largest digital Movie ventures in the Middle East. The goal of Filmanjy was to reduce Movie piracy in the Middle East, as the Movies piracy rate in that area is very high. The service was meant to serve as an alternative to piracy.

Filmanjy is also not 100%, It have a free standered plan and a Premium plan (See More About Plans Here), Filmanjy's standered plan is totaly free, but is shows skipable (After 5 Seconds) ads before, middle and the end of the movie, and limits the user from some exclusive content (movies in the box office). 

Filmanjy Premium, our Premium plan is a paid monthly/anually or seasonaly subscription, prices from 2$ to 8$ maximum. Our Premiumsubscription gives you the ability to download and watch offline, removes the ads and gives you the ability to watch with no limits and giving you special features to make you feel like a VIP. - See More About Our Plans Here

Market Study

Target Market - Arabian Ereas, Middle East And North Africa. Population Of 390 Million

Entertainment In Arabian Region - Entertainment is accually very desired in the region but with so few and mostly illegal content, with more than 29% of the population demanding sport, music & movies, let me tell you about the region, the region have zero Legal Movie Provider, One Legal Music Provider and one very expensive for legal sports broadcasting.
So Filmanjy is willed to be the leading legal movie streaming platform. - How Does It Work?

Similar Satistics - "" Is The Most Popular Illegal Movies Website In The Arabian Region, With More Than 65 Million View On 19th Of April (Maxemim Views) And With Minimum Views Of 7 Million Views On June 19th -Website Was Taken Down By The Gov.-.

Field Study - We've Actually Studied More Than 1500 Arabian And International Movie Broadcasting Websites And Applications, Starting With The Biggest And Reaching To The Smallest, So We've A Really Wide Experience In The Section.

Filmanjy Target-zone


Advantages - Local Competitives Are Week And Limitied And Also Illigal, International Legal Competitives Are So Expensive, DMCA.

Challenges - Financial Status Is Really Important For Us, So Not Finding An Investor Would Really Slow Us Down And Limit Us. 

Strength Points - Snice We're The Only Legal Platform In The Region And The Biggest Arabian Company For Movies Broadcasting And A Wide Advertising Campain With A Different Ways Of Advertising To Reach The Widdest Plate Of Users. 

Weekness Points - Financial Support, Arabian Programers Abilities. 

Danger Zone

Copyright Violation - How Are We Handeling That? : DMCA, Report To Request Removal.

Technical Study

Production Power - Estimated Monthly Flow Of 40$ After 6 Months Of Luanching, And 207900$ After 2 Years Of Luanching. (Please Check Cost & Expense & Profit And Revenues Page Here)

Programing Time Needed - 6 Months To 14 Months

How Does It Works?

1- Sign Up for free and watch immidiatly, Hundreds of thousands movies are waiting for you!

2- The Watching Platform:

(i) Filmanjy's platform is 100% user created; meaning that all the movies added to it are by the users, on there loyality of having the copyrights of the shared content, using our wide already created database, we are able do detect what kind of movie is added and refusing doubled content.

(ii) Our platform will show you exactly what you like using a high inteligence AI system, so deppending on you and simmiler users with common taste your content will be shown, also with many other really special and creative solutions to make our platform even better.

(iii) The video player is obviosly the most important part in our site showing subtitles in English & Arabic, so we all can understand. showing you the ratings or even to see simmiler movies of you got boored. Ads are based also in the video player, such as YouTube which shows you a Skipable ads after 5 seconds, added on the first, middle and end of the movie and of course advertising price is diffirent from one to another.

(iv) The platform allows you to like (add to your liked collection), comment, follow, and even to follow artists and get a notification everytime they add a movie, scores and levels, making collections and having you collection followed by others and more awesome features like never before.

3- Uploading Platform:

(i) Uploading is 100% done by users, just by adding a code our database generates the cover and the movie poster to show, also bringing a discription, cast, genre, country of origin and even directors. then the user uploads his movie and the subtitles; goes into our health check team, checking that the movie is alright and in the requiered quality and there is no wrong with the subtitles or the content, finally adding the movie.

(ii) Just like YouTube, Filmanjy you a percentage (money) from the ads on your movies allowing you to make profit and us to get more uploaders.


$ Free
  • Contains Ads
  • Most Of The Movies
  • No Movie Download


$ 2 monthly
  • Zero Ads
  • All Movies
  • Download Wherever & Whenever
  • Special Features
  • 1 Person


$ 6 monthly
  • Zero Ads
  • All Movies
  • Download Wherever & Whenever
  • Special Features
  • 4 Persons


$ 16 Yearly
  • Zero Ads
  • All Movies
  • Download Wherever & Whenever
  • Special Features
  • 1 Person

How We Will Do It?

Finishing Our Designs


Front-End Develpment

Back-End Development




Advertising Campaign

Leading The Market

"Don't Put Your Trust In Money,
But Put Your Money In A Trust"

-Oliver Wendell

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